Survivor Dojos Edit

With the introduction of 1.3.0 came survivor dojos!. Each survivor type has an associated dojo. The dojos cost premium currency to build and boost the level of that survivor type by 1 point per sensei in the dojo. You can recruit up to 3 sensei's per dojo. This means each survivor can technically be up to level 12 if you possess all level 9 survivors and own all 3 senseis in all 6 dojos which would cost a hefty 720 bucks. They are as follows:

Dojo Type Building Cost Sensei Cost Creed
Dreamer 20 bucks 60 bucks "People say dreamers never finish anything, but.."
Leader 20 bucks 60 bucks "You seek leadership, we seek zombies."
Joker 20 bucks 60 bucks "Wise man say, LOLZ."
Loner 20 bucks 60 bucks "Practice. Alone. Fight. Alone. Love. Alone."
Realist 20 bucks 60 bucks "I don't know...What do you want the creed to be?"
Warrior 20 bucks 60 bucks "You just brought a knife to a zombie fight."
  • Dreamer Dojo
  • Joker Dojo
  • Leader Dojo
  • Loner Dojo
  • Realist Dojo
  • Warrior Dojo

  • A Leader Sensei
  • A Warrior Sensei
  • A Warrior Sensei
  • A Loner Sensei
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