No Zombies Dreamer

A Dreamer Citizen in No Zombies Allowed

A Dreamer is a survivor type in No Zombies Allowed.

Dreamers are represented by the color green. They always see the bright side of the situation despite the enormous storm cloud. They are quite happy and daydream often. Dreamers are given jobs that are childish and game centered such as a pet store, skate park, and a casino.


  • Adopting rabid animals and taming them
  • Playing Tag with the other Dreamers
  • Reading Bedtime stories to the little ones
  • Wondering where they put their records


"Maybe the zombies need a hug?"

"We should start building up!"

"We've tried guns, how about love?"

"I think the zombies are cute..."

"This is the longest Halloween ever."

"Do I still have to return my DVD's?"

"My brain is more of a snack than a meal."

"Zombies just make me crave Jerky."

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