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Heroes are new Buildings with special survivors that assist you in various ways. The first one (Mercenary Base) is free.
Heroes have arrived

from left to right: joker sensei hero, leader sensei hero,agent hero, warrior sensei hero, recycling hero, builder hero, and the mecrenary hero

The rest cost premium currency. Note in 1.3.0 the cooldown times were changed. They should be reflected below.

Mercenary Base, Free:

"Mercs live for battle and would gladly kill zombies just for fun. Getting paid is only icing on their blood-soaked cake."

The mercenary will assist you on one supply run. He totes an impressive machine gun and walks back and fourth mowing down zombies . He is fast but sometimes a little assistance 

No Zombies Mercenary

A Mercenary Hero

will be necessary to keep your vehicle at 100%.

You can recruit 2 mercenaries more: 1 for 50k and 1 for 150k allowing you to do 3 supply runs with assistance. The cooldown times if you own all 3 are 6 hours, 12 hours and 18 hours respectively if you used all 3 at once.

Construction Yard, 40 Bucks

"Builders control the labor unions even in the apocalypse. Any lazy workers caught by them will be sure to get an earful"

Reduces the construction time of the first building in construction CLOSEST to Lola by 3H. 2 additional builders can be recruited for 60 Bucks each. Cooldown if you own all 3 is respectively 12 hours, 24 hours 

No Zombies Builder

A Builder Hero

and 36 hours if you used all 3 at once.

Radio Tower, 80 Bucks:

"Agents can find anyone, anywhere, anytime. Keeping their quarry alive only makes thier day that much easier"

Brings one survivor with a personality of your choice to the front gate. Level of the survivor is random.

You can also recruit new Agents to your Radio Tower, You can have 3 agents in the building total. The cost of recruiting a new one is 120 Bucks. Cooldown if you own all 3 is respectively 8 hours, 16, hours and 24 hours if you used all 3 at once.

Recycling Center, 160 Bucks:

The Recycling Center converts your excess supplies into coins . Has 3 options:

  • Stack of Coins - turns 100 supplies into 30 coins, 1 min cooldown
  • Satchel of Coins - turns 1000 supplies into 400 coins, 5 min cooldown
  • Trunk of Coins - turns 10,000 supplies into 5000 coins, 15 min cooldown
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