Building housing allows you to move in 5 additional Survivors, who can then perform jobs at Businesses or Supply Depots. All housing is created equal; it's just a matter of what it looks like. Collect 'em all!

Below is a slideshow showing you most of them along with a table of the available housing and their hilarious descriptions. :)

  • Apartment
  • Barn
  • Boat House
  • Box Car
  • Building Containers
  • Bunker
  • Condo
  • Frat House
  • Log Cabin
  • Round Housing
  • RV
  • RV2
  • Safe House
  • Tent Camp
  • Therapy Building
  • Tree House
  • Water Tower
Name Description
Airstream Relive the glory days of Route 66 in this retro-styled abode! Doubles as a submarine!
Apartment Just because civilization has died doesn't mean mid-level comfort has to!
Barn Come home to comfort after a long Rumspinga! A true Amish paradise!
Boathouse Pull up anchor from the undead, and set sail for the good life in this unique conversion!
Box Car Live a romantic rail-hopping life without ever leaving home! Bums and beat poets rejoice!
Bunker Thick concrete walls ensure a quiet night's sleep in any end-of-days scenario!
Camp Ground Camping season starts on Judgment Day! East set-up for survivors on the move!
Condo Do more than just survive! The zombies may kill humanity, but they can't kill luxury.
Dome House Live a hamster's life in this chic, eco-friendly Habitrail full of Seussian whimsy!
Frat House Party like it's finals week! Features a kegerator and brand-new ping pong table!
Log Cabin Features an oversized fireplace for cozy nights, or the easy disposal of zombie corpses.
Shipping Container Room to store three tons worth of post-apocalyptic knickknacks! A hoarder's paradise!
Townhouse Enjoy that downtown feel even in the wastelands of the apocalypse! Please, no pets.
Trailer The Apocalypse doesn't have to be lonely! Designed to sleep 3, but who's counting?
Tree House Enjoy beautiful views while keeping the high-ground in this spacious tree-top home!
Water Tower Be heard again and again in this "echo-friendly" abode! A yodeler's dream come true!
Quaint Little Inn Enjoy old-world European charm free of annoying exchange rates or weird food!
Suburban Home Conformity perfected! Just add: A middle management job, a dog and 2.5 kids!
Budget Motel Enjoy all the luxury $33 a night can buy! Mysterious stains are complimentary!
Modern Home How do you define "Modern"? Angled windows? Us too!
Lighthouse Be on the look-out... for value! Perfect for hermits and old men of the sea!
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