Town DecorationsEdit

You can buy decorations to decorate your non premium businesses and houses with the introduction of version 1.4.0. Select the Hammer icon in the top right and pick a house or business and you will be taken to a screen which shows you the number of "decoration slots" a building has available along with a list of decorations you can purchase with bucks or coins. As of release the only free decorations are the berry bush and the thumbs-up.

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Street Decorations Sky Decorations
Decoartion Cost
Berry Bush Free
Thumbs-Up Free
Blue Bush 500 coins
Yellow Bush 500 coins
Pink Bush 500 coins
Yellow Flowers 500 coins
Blue Flowers 500 coins
Pink Flowers 500 coins
Short Hedge 500 coins
Tall Hedge 500 coins
Little Tree 500 coins
Tall Tree 500 coins
Zmail 500 coins
Red Hydrant 500 coins
Police Box 500 coins
Gothic Fence 500 coins
Gate Right 500 coins
Gate Left 500 coins
Toxic Sludge 500 coins
Voodoo Heads 5 bucks
Meteor 5 bucks
Jack-O-Lantern 5 bucks
Scarecrow 5 bucks
Tombstone 5 bucks
Bunker 5 bucks
Razor Wire 5 bucks
Christmas Tree 5 bucks
Candles 5 bucks
Coffin 5 bucks
Red Banner 5 bucks
Purple Banner 5 bucks
Snowman 5 bucks
Gargoyle 10 bucks
Zombie Hand 10 bucks
Skull Throne 10 bucks
Decoartion Cost
Clock Tower 500 coins
Steel Tower 5 bucks
Zombie Baloon 10 bucks
Candle Wall 10 bucks
Rocketship 15 bucks
T-Rex 15 bucks
Zombie Crane 15 bucks
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